We are now offering pickup & delivery services.  We will pick up your online orders from Walmart grocery stores or any other retail locations that allow you to order online and pickup in-store.

This service is more oriented toward the elderly & senior homes and their family members who normally do deliveries for them; however, we will accommodate anyone that needs our services.

We also run a shuttle van service on the weekends for anyone elderly or living in an assisted senior living establishment.  So if you would like to get out for a few hours on the town, call us and reserve your seat today!

Please call Johnny @ (904) 860-8284 to make reservations for either service mentioned below.

Grocery pickup & delivery: $25 (everyday 10am-4pm)

Shuttle Service: $30 per person (round-trip service) ($20 per person for groups of 5-7)

Shuttle van schedule: *Saturdays: 8am-2pm   Sundays: Church transportation $20 per person round-trip 8am-2pm

Shuttle van venue:  *Local malls, Walmart & any other retail stores within a 5 mile radius of your residence.  We can also make accommodations for groups whom would like to go to the Beaver Street outdoor marketplace.

Lincoln Navigator: up to 3 passengers comfortably

Shuttle Van: up to 7 passengers comfortably

Shuttle Bus: up to 22 passengers comfortably